Download & Play Clash Of Clans on PC

Clash of the Clans has gathered a big following for this freemium strategy game. Made by Supercell, this game allows you to build your army and then go take over the world. On hindrance to this game is that you can only seem to play on an Android Tablet or Phone. However, do not worry, the solution is hear.

Now, you can play Clash of the Clans on PC using Windows 7, XP, or Vista. You may also take advantage of this for Mac OSX. Using a simple to download emulator, you can be playing Clash of Clans for PC in no time. While playing Clash of Clans on PC is not officially provided for use on the PC, it is not illegal by any means so download away.

By getting the Bluestacks program you are essentially turning your computer into the mobile device on its own. This gives you full access to the entire Google Play Store to download and play mobile apps right on your computer. If you have your game linked to your Facebook account it will also synch your other devices together so you are always in the same place no matter which device you are accessing it from.

Steps to getting Clash of the Clans on PC: 

1.  Go to Bluestacks to get the online emulator
2.  Choose the correct operating system to download (Make sure you select the correct operating system           as it will not work when the wrong one is chosen)
3.  Once the file has finished downloading- Run the file to install the Bluestacks player
4.  After the installation is complete go to the search box and type in: Clash of Clans
5.  Once you have found the game, simply download it to your PC
6.  All you have to do from here is build your nation and crush your enemies







Clash of Clans on PC Tips: 

Like every strategy game there are some tips and tricks for doing the best you can. For taking the time to read this guide here are some of those tips and tricks:
Revenge of the fallen: A fact of life with these “24-7 living world games is that you have to sleep eventually. Because of this people will be able to attack you while you are away. However, you can turn this around back on them by using the revenge feature. Search out the people that attacked you for town hall location, supply levels, and if they are present or away. Pick well and you will easily extract your revenge. Start with people that tried for a little bit and then gave up.. .these people will probably be easy pickings. Easy Trophies: The game centers largely on the collection of trophies. The best way to do this is to search for opponent’s villages that decided to put their town hall outside of their walls. I know it seems like something no one would do, but the intelligent and unintelligent both do this for their own reasons. This will give you an immediate one star and trophies as well.

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